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How It Works


1) Search for a Home

Use the JRTB website to find a home you want to view privately

2) Schedule a Viewing

Choose the date and time you wish to view the home.

3) Get Approved

The listing agent approves your request to view the home

4) Use Your PIN to Enter on Time!

After your approval, you will recieve a time-sensitive PIN. Use it on the JRTB lockbox to enter that special home.

5) Tour the Home in Total Privacy

Imagine the home as your own. Get a good feel during your showing and decide if it's worth looking into further.

6) Return With Your Agent!

Liked the home? Enter again with your agent and start the buying process

1) Add Your Listing to JRTB

Our super-simple home registration form lets you add your listings to JRTB in minutes

2) Set Showing Times

JRTB showing availability is determined by the homeowner's schedule. Determine with your client the right days and times for potential buyers to view the home.

3) Approve Viewing Requests

Prepare for viewings! Buyers will request private tours of your home, which will be sent to you for approval.

4) Create More Value for Your Sellers

Using JRTB makes home viewing easier for everyone. That means increased home viewings and a quicker sale

Find your Home!

The JRTB Advantage

View homes for sale on your own
Make viewing homes easier for potential buyers
Self-scheduled viewings eliminate the need to wait for open houses
Be more efficient with a perpetual open house system
Total privacy and plenty of time let you imagine the home as your own
Receive more leads by building relationships with JRTB users
View as much as you want, and contact an agent when you are ready
Save time by allowing clients to view homes multiple times
Take advantage of the JRTB marketing platform for more online property exposure

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