JRTB is on one simple mission:
to Make Real Estate Easier.

We started Just Ring the Bell (JRTB) because we noticed just how outdated and inconvenient real estate showings were: buyers have to contact an agent and line up schedules with theirs'. Sellers have to put up with inconvenient showing times and low preparation. And the agents have to be at all showings, no matter how casual the buyer is.

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As a licensed agent since 1981,  David Agema realized how much more productive he could be if he didn’t have to be at each and every showing. How much time could be saved to use on more clients?

At the same time, he saw how much more comfortable buyers would be if they could view homes on their own time, as many times as needed before making an offer. If buyers can see home listings online ‘round the clock, why should home viewings be such a chore?


That’s why he set out to create a tool, for home buyers and real estate agents alike, to encourage more showings of property so that said buyers can find a new home faster.

"The easier it is to view a home,
the faster it will sell."

By simplifying the home viewing process, we speed up the sale for homeowners, streamline the buyer’s viewing experience, and free up time for the agent.

The industry is rapidly changing, and many predict the obsolescence of the agent. That’s not what we think, though.

We want to prove that real estate can evolve without sidelining the real estate agent. We want to help agents ride the trends of the future.

And we believe we can do it while making real estate easier.

The Team

David Agema

President & CEO

Steve Schafer

General Manager & CFO