Our Mission: Make Real Estate Easier.

As realtors, we always strive to serve our clients the best we can, and use our expertise to help achieve their goals. With 40 years of experience under our belt, we know that ...

  • Buyers want to see as many houses as they can, and as many times as needed, before making a decision - but are uneasy asking us to see the house a second or third time. Truth be told, they prefer to view houses privately and on their own time.
  • Sellers feel unprepared and have to put up with inconvenient showing times.
  • Agents spend time aligning schedules and traveling for viewings, whether the buyer is casual or serious, whether it’s the first or third viewing. We open the door for showings, inspection, cleaning, measurements. Many have had lost opportunities due to a tightly packed calendar.

With the advancement in technology, we saw the opportunity to make property showings better because 

"the easier it is to view a home,
the faster it will sell."


So, we created JRTB.

It is a tool to make property showings more efficient and convenient, enabling buyers to make bookings and view properties on their own. It is powered by cutting-edge technology on identity verification, keeping the platform safe and secure.

Buyers can now view more homes in privacy, and find the one they like faster.

Agents can better serve active clients – performing due diligence, strategizing, negotiating. And with more buyers able to view more homes, buyer agents get more leads and listing agents get more traffic.

Every industry is being transformed by technology; real estate is no exception.

Let JRTB be a tool to empower you, and help you ride the trends of the future.