What is JRTB?

JRTB (Just Ring the Bell) is a tool that makes property showings easier, faster and more convenient for agents and buyers. It enables buyers to view properties on their own. It is also powered by cutting-edge identity verification technology, keeping the platform safe and secure.

How does it make real estate easier?

Agents spend less time opening doors for property showings and follow-up visits, and more time with active clients. Buyers can view a property on their own, at their own time and in private. The more homes they view, the faster they can find the one they like, the faster homes will sell.

Who can sign-up with JRTB?

Commercial and residential realtors, brokerages, builders, and homebuyers. Sellers are represented by their agents.

How do I sign-up?

Sign up here. You will need to go through an identity verification process. Be assured that JRTB uses cutting edge technology to verify user identity and for data protection.

How can I be verified?

Simply follow the sign-up instructions. You will be required to provide  

1.  a government-issued ID such as a passport or driver’s license. (Only study/work ID visas issued by the US and China are accepted. Credit card, company ID and student IDs are not accepted, with a few exceptions.) When uploading, ensure that the whole document and the details are clearly visible.

2.  a photo taken by your desktop/laptop/cellphone camera.



Why should I join JRTB?

JRTB is a valuable tool that helps you save time, be more efficient and productive. You spend less time opening doors, and more time with active clients. Also, with more buyers able to view more homes, buyer agents get more leads and listing agents get more traffic.

How much does it cost? 

Registration and listing a property are free.

To enable self-viewing of a listing, purchase (a) a lockbox for C$249, and (b) a subscription for C$50 for a 30-day period; this automatically renews until the lockbox is deactivated. Learn more here.


How do I create a listing?


Under Listings, click "Add Listing". Provide the property details and upload photos. Set the dates and times when buyers can view the listing.


How do I get a listing activated for self-viewing?


1. Go to "Locks" and purchase a lockbox.

2. Activate it using the code sent via email; this requires a subscription.

3. Under “Locks”, assign the lockbox to a listing.

The property is now ready for self-view bookings.

Check your Inbox for viewing requests requiring your approval. 


How will a buyer schedule a viewing? 


In 3 simple steps:

1. The buyer selects the property, and the date and time for self-viewing.

2. The agent receives the request and approves it.

3. Through the app, the buyer will get the pincode to open the lockbox 30 minutes before the scheduled viewing. The agent will also get the pincode and can send it to the buyer if needed.

Can I have a listing in JRTB without a lockbox and a subscription?

Yes. However, buyers cannot self-view that property. The agent will have to meet the prospective buyer and open the door for them.

How and where can I buy the lockbox? 

Go to “Locks” or "Pricing".

How do I install and activate the lockbox? 

Through 3 simple steps:

1. Install using the installation instructions that come with it.

2. Activate using the code received by email and by getting a subscription.

3. Assign the lockbox to a listing. 

The property will be ready for self-viewing soon afterward.


How do I link a listing to a lockbox? 


Click “Locks” to see the lockboxes you have purchased.

Assign each one to a specific listing.

How can I open the lockbox for myself? 

Go to “Locks”, select the lock on the property you want to open. A pincode will be revealed when you click "Instant Access." 

How do I deactivate a lockbox?

Under “Locks”, remove the lock to the listing to which it is assigned, or stop the the subscription. 

Are the lockbox and the subscription transferable? 

Yes, they are transferable to another property. When a property is sold or does not have many viewing requests, you can opt to move them to another listing.

Please contact JRTB if you need the lockbox to be transferred to another person.

What should I do when a property is sold? 

Remove the listing from JRTB or mark it as “Sold.”  Cancel all future viewings and inform the buyers who have scheduled viewings.

What happens to the lockbox and the subscription if a property is sold before the 30-day period ends? 

Transfer the lockbox to another listing; this will include any remaining time for the subscription. There will be no refund if the lockbox is deactivated midway through the 30-day period.


Why should I sign-up with JRTB?

With JRTB, you can view more homes, view them at your own time and in private. You can also book repeat viewings and follow-up visits for home inspection or measurements. 

How can I book a viewing? 

Select the listing you like. Click “Request a Viewing” and book your preferred date and time.

Check your Inbox to see if your request is approved. A pincode will be sent before your scheduled viewing.

Learn more here. 

How and when do I receive the pincode to open the lockbox?

Under “Viewings”, click the Listing to reveal the pincode; it will be sent 30 minutes prior to your viewing.

How long is each viewing?

Each viewing is for 1 hour. This gives you ample time to check out the place, envision how it fits your needs, or for inspections and measurements.

How much does it cost?

It is free for buyers. Learn more here

What if I like the property after a viewing?

Contact your agent or the agent handling the property whose info and contact details are on the listing.

Note: the agent on the listing is the seller’s agent. If you don’t have your own agent, the seller’s agent can recommend someone to represent you. 

Are all listings in JRTB open for self-viewing?

Only the listings with the blue JRTB door on it. The rest can be viewed with the agent.


How does JRTB help sell my property?

The easier it is to view a home, the faster it will sell. More buyers can view your home, and serious buyers can view it as many times as they need to. This provides an opportunity to get more offers at a shorter period of time.

How do I list my property in JRTB?

You need to authorize your agent to list it in JRTB. Provide the days and times when your place is available for viewing. The agent can then create the listing, and set the viewing schedule.

How long is each viewing?

Each slot is for 1 hour. Buyers can enter and view only during that time slot.

Is viewing my property without an agent allowed by the regulatory board?

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) has no issues nor objections with the use of the JRTB system, as long as sellers like you are given the full disclosure on how it works and the risks involved.

What about the risks involved?

Cutting-edge identity verification helps keep JRTB and its users safe and secure. It ensures that a real person is signing-up, and that person is who he/she/they claim to be.

The information on who viewed the property and when will be useful should anything of concern ever arise.